The Future is Fabulous

Hi, I’m Radhika and I care for my clothes.

I’ve always valued preserving clothes over wearing them a few times and discarding them.

Initially it was mostly because I refused to keep spending money on shopping – why shop when you can save and travel? But eventually when I learned how that is helping the environment, I chose to stick to it actively and not give in to trends. It wasn’t an easy decision because that meant you buy slightly expensive clothes and buy them less often. The trick, however, is to spend right.

Discarding clothes that didn’t fit anymore or shrunk became my biggest challenge. While there are many NGOs that would take in my old clothes, I wanted to give it to people I knew – friends and relatives who I know would enjoy them. That’s when I realized how people look down upon pre-owned clothes – in fact, people feel insulted if when I offer them a top or a skirt that you bought, regardless of the fact that I hardly wore it!

50% off

Being surrounded by shopaholic friends and colleagues, I get the temptation of falling into the trap called “50% off”. But is that how I want to see the world moving forward? According to Greenpeace, approximately 20% of clothes in a consumer’s wardrobe are never worn. Shocking, right? What are you doing with this 20% of your wardrobe?  Is it not just a waste of money, garment and space?

I was content living the movement in my own life, I thought I was doing my bit to support slow fashion. But I’ve realized that the more people I can get to join me in this, the more successful this movement becomes. And the fact is that we’re still in early days of slow fashion, and we don’t have much time. Now I’m well aware that I’m far from knowing everything, in fact, I know very little about the movement.

So, here I am, pledging to learn more about living a sustainable lifestyle, and to convert more and more people to our fabulous cause.

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