No More Dry Cleaning: 5 Alternatives For A Chemical Free Wash

How many times have you bought an amazing outfit, worn it the first time with total pleasure, put it in the wash without reading the labels and repented this vile circle of life?

Clothes labels
Yes, reading labels is important.

As is knowing how to take care of your precious clothes. A lot of the labels today come with dry-clean-only warnings, which means they use dyes that bleed very easily or the material is too sensitive to be washed by tossing or tumbling. And while shrinking your clothes, or losing the bright colors in a washing machine cycle is a scary thought, dry clean may not be the best thing for your clothes either.

Dry clean only means it doesn’t use water, but it still uses very strong chemicals to get rid of the stains. The worst offender here is a chemical solvent called PERC which has been used since the ’70s to clean fabrics without shrinking them or making the dyes bleed. But there has been more and more research on this to suggest that long term exposure to PERC may be carcinogenic for humans and animals, and in fact, even a short burst of exposure in high concentrations may lead to dizziness, nausea, fatigue, itchiness.. and lots more. It also contaminates water and soil.

And if these chemicals are bad for your clothes, bad for you and bad for the environment as well, what can you do to preserve all your special clothes?

Well lucky for you, we’ve scoured the internet (and checked with our moms) for nuskas, or tricks, to help you avoid dry cleaning clothes.

Trick #1
Never leave your dry-clean-only clothes on floor or that chair where you keep all your clothes after your big party. Always keep them hanging after your use and air it.

Trick #2
If your clothes looks dusty or muddy after a wear, fill a bucket with cold water and some foam formed by a pinch of washing powder or liquid. Dip your outfit for a few seconds 3 times and dry it immediately, making sure to not squeeze or pinch the fabric.

Trick #3                                                                                           
For those who are drying clothes indoors and hate the water dripping from the wet clothes, just spread out a dry towel and lay your outfit on it. Now roll the towel and let it soak up all the water as shown below. Do not squeeze or wrinkle it. You can then hang and dry it.

Your outfit will be the puppy; and will probably not roll itself like this good boy.

Trick #4
Most rich clothes absorb scents for a long time. And if you’ve worn the outfit all night on the dance floor, that cocktail of smells can make it feel stale. So if you face this challenge, take a spray bottle, and fill it with a mixture that’s half water and half rubbing alcohol (scientifically known as isopropyl alcohol). Just spray some on the underarm area and cuffs or wherever you feel the smell has collected. You can also use some vodka if rubbing alcohol is hard to find.

Trick #5
The most complicated situation is when the underarm area starts yellowing. But you don’t need to send it to dry-cleaners just yet. Fill up your washbasin with some cold water. Pour diluted washing liquid on the affected area of your outfit and rub it slowly by dipping it in the water. Once washed, dry it by ironing it with a regular iron, preferably using the heavy steam.

These tricks go a long way in helping you preserve your clothes for longer, especially the ones you wear once in a while.

Do you have a special trick that you use for your clothes?

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