The Master List

Whether it’s a silk saree or a poly-blend shirt, there’s no piece of clothing that has not benefited from the expert hands of a tailor, especially here in India. Making denims shorter, adding lace to an old kurti, mending tears and altering waistbands, there’s nothing that a tailor can’t fix.

Mumbai tailors

And taking their help is the easiest way to support sustainability. Have a dress that doesn’t fit anymore? Want to repurpose an old saree into a skirt? Need to mend a shirt that got torn? You can be sure that there’s a tailor master for each of those things!

But how do we trust which one to go to? A perfectly fitting pair of denim would be ruined in the hands of a tailor who has no understanding of the fabric.

Enter The Master List.

A crowd-sourced list of tailors that are vetted and reviewed by YOU to be a part of the list, that can be your ready reckoner for any tailoring needs. So be a part of this movement, tell us about the tailors in your area, someone you trust and swear by, and weโ€™ll put it on this crowd-sourced list.

Weโ€™re aiming to map out all the tailors in Mumbai with credible reviews and specializations. Be a part of this super fun and super easy project โ€“ #TellUsAboutYourTailor!

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